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Become a donor

Small-scale, local, and 100% goes to the projects

At Albert Schweitzer Fonds, we believe in the power of small-scale, local involvement and direct impact. Our mission extends to the deepest corners of Sub-Saharan Africa, where we work together with local leaders and communities to bring about sustainable change. We want to address not only the problems on the surface, but also the root causes of inequality and hardship.

As a donor of Albert Schweitzer Fonds, you contribute to:

1. Directly impacting lives:

As a donor, you are the driving force behind concrete change. 100% of your contribution goes directly to projects that improve the health, education and wellbeing of local communities. It is an opportunity to contribute directly to creating a better future for others.

2. Supporting local initiatives:

We do not impose our projects; they arise from the needs of local communities. Whether it involves building wells, installing sanitation facilities, or supporting educational programmes, the initiative and solution always come from the local community. As a donor, you are a partner in supporting initiatives initiated by local communities. You give them the means to determine the course of their development themselves.

3. Helping vulnerable groups:

Becoming a donor at ASF means giving a voice to those who might not otherwise be heard: children, girls, mothers, the elderly, people with physical disabilities, people with mental health problems. You give vulnerable groups of people access to basic needs and basic healthcare and thus a chance at a better life.

4. Working together towards sustainable development:

Your involvement goes beyond a one-off donation; it is an investment in sustainable development. By becoming a donor, you contribute to projects that not only address current problems, but that can also be replicated in other communities. Together with ASF, you thus build a resilient future for generations to come.

Our strengths in a nutshell:

1. Local anchoring

We work together with local communities on their initiative to implement concrete solutions that are in line with their health needs and culture.

2. Small-scale

We deliberately take a small-scale approach, which allows us to respond quickly to local challenges and deploy resources effectively. It also allows us to monitor the implementation of projects and ensure that donors’ money is spent correctly.

3. 100% goes to the projects

At ASF, every euro donated goes to the projects. 100% of your donation contributes directly to improving lives, without any administrative costs or overheads.

4. Reliable partner

With Dutch Fundraising Regulator CBF’s seal of approval and our status as a Public Benefit Organisation (known as an ANBI in Dutch), Albert Schweitzer Fonds guarantees reliability.

Why become a donor?

Because your involvement not only has a financial impact, but impacts entire communities striving for a better future. With your donation, you encourage sustainable, local change that transforms lives. Will you help?