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Hold a speech in class

We help vulnerable groups of people in Sub-Saharan Africa to better health in various ways. Very often this involves children. For example, we help these children with:

  1. Smart school projects: We help schools in a variety of ways. Sometimes we build new classrooms, provide school supplies or teach teachers how to teach even better.
  2. Health aid: We make sure children can be healthy. This can mean helping to build (parts of) hospitals, giving medicine or telling them the importance of eating and drinking healthily.
  3. Clean water: We think it’s important that all children have enough food and can drink clean water. That’s why we help with projects that make this better.
  4. Girls’ rights: Because we think girls are just as important as boys, we want to make sure they have the same opportunities as boys. For example, we tell them about menstruation, give them sanitary pads and help with toilets at school.
  5. Doing fun things: We like fun things, too! That’s why we help with dance, sports and other fun projects that make children happy.

So, the ASF wants to give children in Sub-Saharan Africa a better life. And you can make a difference by giving a speaking engagement and showing how you and your friends can help too!

Send an e-mail to and tell us that you will give a talk. We will send you information and materials to inspire your class to help too.