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Periodic donations

A sustainable impact on positive change.

At Albert Schweitzer Fonds, we see every day how periodic donations really make a difference. It’s not just about giving money; by joining us, you help communities move forward and enable sustainable changes in people’s lives. With your regular support, we can continuously work towards a better future for vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why make periodic donations to Albert Schweitzer Fonds?

1. Stable financial support

Periodic donations give us the financial stability needed to be able to continue to support our projects. This allows us to proactively respond to the ongoing needs of local communities and be flexible in responding to new challenges.

2. Achieve sustainable change

With periodic donations, we can not only meet immediate needs, but also look ahead and make plans for the future. Your support helps strengthen communities, enabling them to achieve sustainable change themselves.

3. Meaningful involvement

As a periodic donor, you are a partner for change. By becoming involved, you join us in building a better future for vulnerable groups.

4. Tax benefit

Periodic donations often offer tax benefits. As a donor, you may be eligible for tax deductions.

How do you become a periodic donor?

When you decide to donate periodically to Albert Schweitzer Fonds, you become an essential part of our commitment to sustainable development. Your ongoing support makes a world of difference to those who need it most.

Personal advice

Thinking about donating a substantial amount to Albert Schweitzer Fonds? We understand that you may need some support or a friendly ear for all your questions and ideas. Our fundraiser, Tanja Keijzer, would be happy to offer personal advice.

Support a specific project

With a donation of €5,000 or more you can also support a specific project or theme. Please feel free to contact us for more information about this. Your generous support makes it possible to bring about concrete change and improve the lives of vulnerable groups in Sub-Saharan Africa. As a major donor, you will receive updates and more in-depth insight into the progress and results of the project you sponsor. It is also possible to link your (company) name to the project.

Tax benefit

Did you know that you can get a big chunk of your donation to Albert Schweitzer Fonds back from the tax authorities? You can do this by earmarking your gift as a periodic donation. Check out the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration’s web page on donating with tax benefits for more information on how this works.